Maguire Construction has been building Maine's most beautiful spaces for over 40 years. We are a proud, family owned company that has continued to push the limits of our craftsmanship since being founded in 1977. 

After a short stint as Bob Maguire Builders and working on pre-fabricated homes, Maguire Construction moved into commercial construction, building the original Brooks Brothers and Polo Ralph Lauren storefronts in downtown Freeport, Maine. Architects on those commercial jobs asked if MagCon would consider adding high-end residential work to their portfolio. Those relationships led to landing a full interior restoration of a private home on the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, waterfront. Owners, Bob and Carla, enjoyed the experience of getting to know a family, their wants and needs, and this has led to decades of custom residential projects throughout New England.

The company has grown on the foundation of quality in product, strong relationships, and transparency in business.



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Meet Bob & Carla Maguire

Bob grew up on Cliff Island, off the coast of Maine in Casco Bay, working part time in two family trades - lobstering and carpentry. In 1977, he started his own company, Bob Maguire Builder. Just a year later, Bob and Carla were married. At that time, Carla took over all finances for the company while also working full time at Pepsi. As the success of Bob Maguire Builder led to higher time demands, Carla eventually left Pepsi and they formed Maguire Construction together. Carla continues to be Maguire Construction’s CFO, and if you ask anyone, the real Boss. Bob splits his time upta camp, which was a passion project for the family, having spent years renovating an old hunting and fishing lodge in the Northern Maine woods. He works on projects there with his sidekick, Carrie, their white lab, and continues to meet with clients while passing on his years of expertise to his son, Tanner.

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Meet Tanner maguire

Maguire Construction was formed before Tanner was even born. It’s a trade he’s known all his life. In high school, he spent his summers as a laborer for the company, working on job sites and learning the business truly from the ground up. Through college, he honed his carpentry skills. After graduating with a business degree, he joined his family at Maguire Construction as an on-site carpenter and project manager. As he fine-tuned his craft while learning both the front-of-house and behind-the-scenes operations from Bob and Carla, he kept progressing into bigger roles until he earned the highest honor – Second Generation Owner of his family’s company.

Tanner is also founder and owner of Black Bear Woodworking & Fine Cabinetry (established in 2012). Black Bear operates both on its own and as Maguire Construction’s in-house cabinet shop. After leaving the job sites for a desk job, he realized his passion for this aspect of the industry. Black Bear continues to grow with Tanner’s enthusiasm for custom projects and the true artistry of woodwork.